vehicles-we-finananceAt Roman Chariot Bus and Van Sales, we know that financing your purchase can sometimes be a challenge.   That’s why we have created our very own Commercial Vehicle Finance company (CFS) that specializes in business vehicle financing.

Whether you need a commercial vehicle loan for $10,000… or $10,000,000, Commercial Financial Solutions has the ability to find you the best deal and the perfect loan or lease fit.  Unlike the truck or equipment dealership, our only goal is to find you the best financing rate coupled with the correct type of lending mechanism.  Below are some of the more common types of loans that we fulfill for clients and businesses all over the states of NJ, NY and PA.    Big or small, we finance them all.

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  • Vehicle Loans
  • Balloon Vehicle Loans 
  • Leases with $1.00 buyback
  • Leases (walk away)
  • TRAC Leases
  • Skip Payments Loans
  • Seasonal payments Loans

The key to our success at CFS is that we work with each and every client to find the correct vehicle financing plans that make sense for their unique and particular goals.  Some clients look for short term vehicle re-financing and we can handle that quickly.  Other companies come to us looking to finance a fleet of new buses or vehicles and we can easily handle that as well.

Literally speaking, if it has 4 wheels and you need it for your business, CFS will find the bank or private financing partner who matches your specific situation.  We’re standing by and ready to hear your story and find your loan or lease today.  Just make the call!



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